03 April 2011

Have you ever HEARD an image?

Have you ever seen an image that just SPEAKS to you?
One that takes your breath away and brings tears to your eyes?

If you have, you know how I felt when I saw this image:
As soon as I saw "Forgiven", I just knew that image had been drawn for me!

Typically, I would not call myself a "religious" person, and I have my own kind of relationship with God. I don't technically participate in any "organized" religions and it's been awhile since I've been to Church. I was baptized Roman Catholic and have gone thru all the "Sacraments": First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, etc. and I attended Catholic schools my whole life... but I also think that many Churches have fallen prey to greed and fear-mongering, which does not appeal to me in any way.

But this image, and it's message, prompted a quick and intense reaction in me. Heather has released an entire new set of Religious/Easter images that are sure to touch you to the soul! 

They placed the crown on his head to mock him. Called him a king and gave him his crown. A crown our king wore to save us from our sins, to show us how much he loved us. They did not gently place this crown on his head. It was  covered in many sharp thorns and they just shoved it on his head ripping his skin, flesh, he bled. It was a symbol of what he went through for us and how much he loved us. 
As soon as I received it in my inbox, I got to work!

I made the sunburst background with Inkscape, created the cross in SCAL and that's it! I "painted" the nails with Mod Podge" just to give them a little gloss.

The message, to me, is very clean and simple. Can you hear it?

I would like to share this card with the Crazy 4 Challenges sketch challenge this week.
I adopted a very clean and simple variation of their sketch!


Heather said...

Stacie ~ you brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad that God reached down and touched you through this image. He loves you so much.

Your card is beautiful. I love the colors and how bright it is.

Isiah 60:19 .... the LORD shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.

Matthew 17:2 .... and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.

I love you my sweet friend. Lots of hugs!


Anonymous said...

Stacie - your card touched me today!! I still remember some wonderful insights you shared when I first met you and I refer to them often!! You are a blessing to me!!

*CAFE said...

Amazing, Stacie! Beautiful post, and gorgeous card! "Hooray" to Heather for being able to produce an image that could in turn produce such a strong emotion!

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