18 October 2011

The Sad Story of our Move to PA

I'll bet you already know that moving is a real pain in the butt!
Packing everything you have accumulated over the years into cardboard boxes and trying to protect all your precious memories in bubble wrap and packing tape!
So, we loaded the piano first, and DH's gun safe... they're REALLY heavy and REALLY big!
Then the appliances!
The boxes were next!
The mattresses and coffee maker were the last things on the truck, so as soon as we got to PA, we would have someplace to sleep and have a fresh cuppa Joe in the morning!
We're on the road!!
Whoopee! We're making great time thru Virginia and heading North into Maryland.
THEN... the truck just decided it didn't want to "GO"...
It wouldn't shift out of third gear and wouldn't go faster than 45 miles an hour (on I-95, where traffic typically travels around, oh, 70 miles an hour or faster!)
We pulled over outside Hagerstown, MD and called Penske for Road Side Assistance.
The guy showed up in about 15 minutes... ran a "code checker"...
"Hmmm. I don't know what all these codes mean, they're not in my book!"
The main Penske shop is 10 miles away... we baby the truck to the shop...
They run another "Code checker"... "Hmmm... that's really odd, there are only 12,000 miles on this truck, it shouldn't be having a transmission problem!"
They weigh the truck to make sure we didn't "overload"... nope, that's not the problem.
"We'll have to get a new truck for you and will have our 'Professional movers' transfer your stuff to the new truck, because the transmission in the truck you have is having "emission problems"... (?????)
It's 8 pm... still no dinner...
We're travelling with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and have a trailer on the back of our Chevy Pickup with all our cleaning equipment in it...
Last week, the kitty got VERY sick (something is wrong with her liver)... she is on medication (which is packed in the Penske)...

So, they put us in a hotel and at 9:30, we ate Burger King for dinner...

Fast forward to morning... 9 am, the 'professional' movers are at Penske to transfer our stuff to the new truck.
at 9:15, one of them falls off the truck... "We have to go get coffee and pick up another helper because he thinks he hurt his back"...

10am... movers back old truck up to new truck and start THROWING my things into the new truck...

My precious coffee maker is now buried at the very back and bottom of the load, under my mattress (which I wanted to get off the truck FIRST!!)

12 noon... movers say "It's not all going to fit in the new truck... your washer and dryer won't fit and we can't move the piano!"

1pm... ok... it's all loaded, you're ready to roll... we moved some things around and got everything to fit!

7 pm... arrive in Bradford PA and open truck to start unloading...

as I opened the back door, my oak headboard fell out and hit me... and everything that was leaning against it fell out!

Here's an example of their 'Professional' movers' work:

yes, this is my OAK dining room table and this picture was taken straight-on!
This is just one example of the things they DESTROYED when it was transferred!!
Notice, there is no moving blanket between the STEEL tool chest and the OAK dining room table...
and isn't it lovely how the bunk bed frame is thrown on top of my upside-down table!??!

Called to file a damages claim... we'll see how that goes...

Maybe tomorrow, I'll show you the picture of what USED TO BE my dresser!!

12 October 2011

My last post for a little while!

OK... everything is packed and we're ready to go!
We're picking up the Moving Truck in about 20 minutes!

Before we go, I wanted to make sure to show you this cute Post it Note Holder
The challenge this week at Fresh Brewed Designs is
Fancy Folds

While not particularly "fancy", there are about 6 folds to make this project
so I think it qualifies! (-:

And I wanted to a chance to enter the
Link Up for Pink at least once!

Post-it Note holder cut file from DtsArt
image: Fresh Brewed Designs Hello Telephone

I will miss all my crafty friends while we are moving 
but I will be back in about a week!

Honestly, I can't wait til this is just OVER!
Who know how much JUNK you can accumulate
when you live in one place for 10 years!?!?

Look out Bradford, PA

05 October 2011

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

... had a wife and couldn't feed her.
Put her in a pumpkin shell
and there he kept her very well!

Cutie Pie Pumpkin Rubber Stamp
Jack Jack O'Lantern Digital Stamp 
Oh My Goodness, isn't this little Pumpkin Girl CUTE!!??!!
She is one of the new rubber stamps from the Fall line from Fresh Brewed Designs!
And her little buddy, the guy with his first tooth?

Are you picking up on a theme here?
Did you notice that there are 4 different PUMPKINS on my PUMPKIN-shaped card?

You may recognize the shape... I posted a very similar card the other day using a different digi...
It was a FREE SVG file I picked up from a Brand New Challenge Blog: Cuttin' Up With Class

The new challenge for Fresh Brewed Designs has started....
and the theme:
PUMPKINS, of course!!

so you can play ALL month for a chance to win goodies!!

And if you want this ADORABLE Cutie Pie Pumpkin Girl, now is the time to grab her!
All the Cutie Pie Rubber Stamps are 25% off at the Fresh Brewed Shop!

Challenges this week:

01 October 2011

I found a new challenge!

Since today is National Card Making Day, I figured I'd better make something!
There is a brand new challenge blog called "Cuttin' Up With Class" and I found it by following my friends Cheryl and Cely!! Thanks for the link, ladies!!

This week is their first challenge and the free SVG Pumpkin File is adorable, and SO versatile!
I used MTC and my Cricut and the file cut perfectly!

The digital image is called "Autumn Frog" and can be found HERE at The Stamping Boutique Store.

Our new challenge is starting Monday at
The Crafter's Cafe and the theme is Fall or Halloween.

I have begun packing all my crafty supplies and we are picking up the moving truck Oct. 11th! So I am posting as many projects as I can before I am "unplugged"!

I just noticed there is a streak of light across my photo... I've been having all kinds of trouble with my camera, so I'm not going to bother trying to re-take my picture... I think it's a reflection from the camera lens... (?) Oh well, still looks pretty cute, right?