19 August 2013

Quick Update

Hello! It has been a long, long time since I've posted on this blog, so I wanted to take a minute to stop in to say "Hi" to anyone who may still be out there following along!

After The Crafter's Cafe closed up shop and my time with the Robyn's Fetish Design Team ended, I have had a lot going on. Work has been crazy busy and seems to take up so much time, I just don't get to play with paper as much as I was! :(

I still occasionally hide away and do a little creating, mostly cards and small gifts, but then, about 2 weeks ago, everything changed!

My hubby of 13 years was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer!

He spoke with his doctor about sharp pains he was feeling in his RIGHT side... the doc ordered an ultra-sound to check for gall stones. He found no stones but saw a "spot" on his kidney that didn't look right.

He referred us to a urologist, who ordered a CT Scan.

It turned out that, after looking at the kidneys, from both sides, that he had a "large, cancerous mass" on his LEFT side!! Apparently, the "spot" the first doctor noticed on the right side may have been a shadow of the tumor, it had grown so large! At no time, ever, did he have any symptoms that may have indicated his cancer!

He immediately scheduled surgery and last Friday (a week ago), we had the entire kidney removed, along with the mass! The pathology results showed that the tumor was "encapsulated" and had not ruptured or spread, which is good news. The doc said it was the largest tumor he had ever removed from a patient... it was about the size of a basketball, or a large dinner plate!!

We are now on the road to recovery and tomorrow morning, he will have his 52 staples removed from his belly!! The incision runs all the way across his tummy and down the right side... he is out of work until November!

He's doing well and is walking up and down stairs (slowly)... he is anxious to get out of the house and start eating "normal" food! :)

Just want to give a quick shout-out to Dr. Saleh, Dr. Godfrey and the staff at the Bradford Regional Medical Center Critical Care Unit!! Thank you all so very much for the attention and care you provided for my hubby!!

So, that's what I've been up to!! Just wanted to stop in and let ya'll know that i"m thinking about you!