26 October 2010

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!!!! PLUS today's FREE SVG!

 It's finally here!


Wacky Wednesday Challenge!!!

Every other Wednesday, yours truly will be hosting a challenge at The Latte Lounge that will run for 2 weeks!

The Challenge Theme for Wednesdays is going to be "Wacky Wednesday", so be prepared for the unexpected!! We're going to try to present challenges that are both different and intriguing!

This week, I have decided to start out with something to honor the State Fair, which is in full swing in our area!

You can get everything at the Fair, from fried Oreos (YUK!) to corn dogs and cotton candy! But the one thing all these delicacies have in common is that they're all served on a STICK! 

So, for the Wacky Wednesday challenge, I decided to keep it pretty simple:  


Your project can be ANYTHING as long as you include at least ONE piece of REAL wood!! It can be a popsicle stick, a kabob skewer, a toothpick, or a twig from a tree... ANY REAL WOOD!

As you can see from my inspiration photo, I opted for some YUMMY candied apples on popsicle sticks!

I made the apples with Cinnamon Candies so they're super-YUMMY!!

For the "Crafty" portion of my project, I used 3 different cut files from The tag is in the Double Layered Tags collection and the Masked Boo Caption and the Cuddly Halloween Ghost were both FREEBIES!!! Look at all the CUTE stuff you can do with FREE files!!

So! Come on over to the Latte Lounge and bring your "Wacky Wooden" Creations with you.

The challenge will run for 2 weeks and the winner will receive 2 FREE images from The Stamping Boutique!

Today's FREE SVG is the Major League Baseball logo. Of course, you KNOW this image is Trademarked, so it is completely ILLEGAL to attempt to sell anything made using it without getting the appropriate license!
I am SHARING a COPY of the picture that has been converted into a file that can be cut out using Sure Cuts a Lot software with a Cricut! I have not altered the image in any way and am not making any money selling merchandise bearing this logo! Be very careful about copyright infringement, because you can get in big trouble!!

You can click HERE to go to my account to download the .zip file or just click the image! 
The .zip file includes:

  • the image in .jpeg format
  • the image in .SVG format and
  • the image in .SCUT2 format to import into Sure Cuts a Lot
In the .SCUT2 file, I have already separated the file into 3 layers, red, white and blue, so there are only 3 pieces to cut!

Have a great day!

Tomorrow, I'll be back with the "other" runners-up: The Yankees...

And I'm working on the Rangers and Texans and will definitely be done in time to get my projects done for the World Series!

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Sports Theme post on Oct. 27, 2010. Thanks again.

My Inkie Fingers said...

These are AWESOME!! I want I want!! Boo Hiss!! Now I am craving a Big Ole Candy Apple lol

Hey! Get your butt in gear and play along for the GDT on the DWAC Blog Missy! You could be on the team in November =) *winks*

(((Hugs))) Even if you did tease me with Candy Applies I can't have! Pfffffft!!

JLJ Designs said...

Yummy projects! Your comment today about being an enabler made me laugh. Maybe we could get different stamps and trade.


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