07 October 2010

Apple Step Card

This is a tough one to get a good picture!
I cannot take credit for the design. I found the original step card design at CAFE's Blog. Cheryl Ann has created several this style. I used her file, but made a few changes (added apples to the steps).

The apples image is from Designed to Delight!
Again, use the FREEBIE image for this challenge, and get the next one via email!
There's only a little while left, and I'm pushing the wire with this one!

Here's another picture, from another angle.
It looks like you can see a lot of white behind the apples on the steps, but in real life, it doesn't really look like that (?)...

I've got about 5 more projects I'm working on (at least), so I'll see you soon!


Lorie said...

LOVE this...great job!

*CAFE said...

Love it! Love it!!! Awesome job!!!

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