22 September 2010

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug

**EDITED** to add: I apologize if some of the language in this post is offensive to some!
The emotions are so raw and hard to express! **

Nope! No crafty creations for me tonite!
Today started out as a good day, then turned into a GREAT day while working.
Then I came home!

My back door was hanging open when I pulled into the driveway and my 2 dogs were nowhere in sight!
I have 2 labs, each of them weighs more than 100 pounds!

I cautiously approached the house, walked in the door, saw a baseball bat on the living room floor and still, no dogs to be found.

I noticed pretty quickly that all the cushions from the couch were strewn around the room, the TV was GONE, and I grabbed the phone, ran back out to my truck, called 9-1-1 and waited for the police!

When they arrived, we found the dogs, in my master bathroom!
There was a dining room chair in front of the bathroom door!

All my underwear was all over the room!

My bed was lifted off its springs!

Apparently, the thieving bastards came in thru my son's bedroom window, using a shovel to pry it open.
They must have used the chair like a lion-tamer to herd the dogs into the bathroom!

My day went from A+ top of the world to one of the WORST days EVER!!!

The sons of bitches even took the pouch in my jewelry box where I had saved all the babies' teeth!

How exactly do you claim THAT on an insurance form?

The claim is hovering somewhere near $11,000 with my insurance agent... we''ll see how the adjuster processes that...

All my diamonds are GONE!!! (earrings, tennis bracelet and  2 rings)

And my grandmother's Topaz earrings... she died 2 years ago, so I'll never find a way to replace them!

Can you even imagine how awful i am feeling tonite?

I drank an entire bottle of wine and just now, my hands have stopped shaking!

The boys refused to go to bed because they're terrified someone is going to come back!

I called ADT and they came out tonite and put in a new security system!

I planned to make cards for the rest of the challenges from the Stamping Boutique Digi Day.
I also BOUGHT the scaredy cat image, to participate in the Double Delights challenge (I didn't get it free, but I wanted to play, so I bought it yesterday, planning to color it during Survivor tonite)

Would've been great, but I can't watch Survivor... my f**ing TV was stolen!

I'm totally pissed and completely, mentally and emotionally exhausted!

I'll be home all day tomorrow dealing with the insurance people and cleaning the damn finger print powder off everything!



cardmaking bird said...

Oh no, Stacie. I am so, so sorry. It's unbelievable to me that people like that can just take what others have worked so hard to provide for their families - they are vile, awful, horrible people but that doesn't bring you any comfort. I just don't know what to say other than I really am sorry and I am thinking of you. Sending you lots of love and hugs, Marie xxx

Lorie said...

OH no! This is absolutely horrible. I'm so sorry for your problems!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Wow, you had a horrible day, I'm so sorry. I'm glad you and the kids and the dogs are okay though.

Carolyn said...

What an awful thing to happen to you and your family. Here's hoping they catch the offenders.

JLJ Designs said...

Stacie - this is awful! I hope your family is able to find peace soon.


Anonymous said...

Stacie - I am so very sorry that you had to go through such a horrible experience!! I will be praying for you!!! I am so glad you, your family and dogs are all OK!! HUGS!!!!

My Inkie Fingers said...

OMG!!! Stacie how terrible! I feel just aweful for you and sat here with my mouth gaping open gasping at each statement =(

My house burned down in 04... So I can relate to losing things. I can't even IMAGINE being INVADED like that tho! OMG!

I know you can never replace some of the family heirlooms, and your jewlery. But try to tell yourself, your dogs are ok and no one was home when they broke in... It could have been... nvm... You are all alive and can start to heal.

You are in my prayers XOXOXO

Tracy (Jedi ScrapMaster) said...

That is horrible! I hope they catch the people who did that and string them up by their toes (and let you beat them incessantly :) I hope they are able to find your things too. Sorry for your loss.

JustYolie said...

OH CRAPPERS!!! That's so TERRIBLE!!! I hope they can recover your stuff, but look at the bright side....THANKFULLY YOU WEREN'T HOME WHEN IT HAPPENED! Imagie a home invastion?? I sure hope they find those RATS!

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