26 January 2011

Welcome to the Newbies!

If you're looking for todays Fresh Brewed Designs post, I'll have it put up in a little while. I am just NOT happy with the photo of my card and am trying to find a place with better lighting or something... if you saw the cards on the Fresh Brewed Challenges blog, it looks bright yellow and quite obnoxious... in real life, it's much more pretty and soothing, so until I can capture that with my camera, my FBD post will be delayed..

Til then, I have some news to share:

Today, The Stamping Boutique has announced the new additions to the Design Team for this term!

Without further adieu, I am honored to introduce the 2011 February-August team:

Crystal Dennett

Welcome ladies, I am looking forward to working with each of you!

And while I'm rolling out the welcome wagon, I just wanted to thank all my new Followers!

If you are a regular follower, you've probably noticed that every time you've come back over the past few days, things have looked different... I'm TRYING to find a layout/template I like, that allows me to keep all my "widgets" without looking crowded... So bear with me while I keep looking! 

And thanks for visiting!


Heather said...

you silly! Your card is beautiful!

CONGRATULATIONS to the team!!! I recognize some of those names and cant wait to get to know the others. :) WOOTY WOOT!!!

*CAFE said...

Congrats to the team!
I like this template for your blog, Stacie. Nice. nice!

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