08 January 2011

Sporty Saturday Challenge at the Latte Lounge

After speaking with my Latte Lounge teammates, we have all decided that we're fans of "alliteration".
That means, according to Wikipedia:
repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words and/or phrases.
What that means to you, dear Reader, is that from now on, the Saturday Challenges will all include some kind of alliteration. This week, the title of the challenge is all the letter "S"! (Sporty Saturday).

It could be in the title of the challenge or in the challenge itself... guess you'll have to come back every week to find out!! Isn't that EXCITING!!??!!  {insert Smiley face here}}  (-:

Everyone seems to have jumped past New Years and leaped right into Valentine's Day and we've all forgotten one of the biggest holidays of the year: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!

So in honor of all the football fans, to those gearing up for March Madness, and for those who like to go shopping while hubby hogs the remote, this one is for YOU!!

You'll have two weeks to submit anything "Sporty" over at the Latte Lounge!!

I got lucky this week because my little boy was invited to a Birthday Party for one of the members of his Upward Basketball team. So, being the crafty momma that I am, I refuse to go to the Dollar Store and pick up some cheap toy and call it a gift! Oh NO! Not us!! We MADE our gift!!

We used the "Basketball" Cricut cartridge for the card with a few very simple embellishments: the little boy is turning 11, so it's a tough age: cute is too young but grunge is more for teens, so he's right in the middle... we stuck with something we hope he'll like!

For his gift, what little boy doesn't love to write his name all over everything he owns?
We made him a sign for his room... he's right at the age when privacy starts to be an issue, so I think the timing for this one will be good!
We used cereal boxes, K&Company papers, and a cool font I found free online, called "Anime"... the sports figures were in a dingbat font called "Sports SVG's", also free online. We heat embossed a swirl in the corners, added some blue ribbon for the hanger and held it all together with Modge Podge and a prayer!

I hope he'll enjoy his gift made from the heart!

And I hope you'll come over to the Latte Lounge to join us for this Sporty Saturday Challenge!


JLJ Designs said...

Fabulous projects! This is a neat idea for a birthday present. I'll have to remember it.


*CAFE said...

Great idea for a gift! I think he'll love it!

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