04 January 2011

Digis With Attitude! Design Team News!

<=====  Look! Look! Did you see it?

Did you see my new badge in my sidebar?

I'm so pleased and honored to announce that Cindy-Lynn  has invited me to join her Design Team!

The main goal of Digi's With Attitude! is to create one of a kind unique Digital Stamps with attitude! Digital Stamps that are not found anywhere else!

These include the awesome new "Animals with Attitude!" "Tweens with 'Tude!" and "Grumpy Gretchens!"

You can find the store HERE and the challenge blog HERE

There's a new challenge posted every Friday so be sure to stop by and play with us! 

As one of the newest Designers With Attitude! I was awarded the "My Blog has Attitude!" blog award. I am so excited to jump start my week and give five of my readers this awesome blog award. And this is not just any old blog award, nope! This one comes with a $5 gift certificate to the Digi's With Attitude! store!
In order to qualify for the $5 Digi's With Attitude! gift certificate you must state three things that make you different from everyone else and you must nominate five blogs, then let those five blogs know you nominated them. Lastly, you must display the blog award badge (above) on your sidebar and link it back to the Digi's With Attitude! Challenge Blog.

For all the details please visit THIS LINK.

Note: If someone got this LAST year, they are again eligible for the gift certificate as it is one gift certificate per person, per blog, per year.

So, three things that make me different from everyone else:

  1. I prefer boots and blue jeans to pumps and Pilates. You can usually find me stomping around in the woods or riding my four-wheeler on wild trails. 
  2. I drive a pick up truck as my every-day vehicle! There's nothing quite like my Chevy Silverado and I feel "funny" sitting down to get into a vehicle. I like to hang on to the steering wheel to climb in!
  3. I taught my kids to jump IN the puddles, not tip-toe around them! We celebrate every moment and cherish the learning that comes with new experiences!
Here are the five blogs I nominate:

  1. Greebo T. Cat: If you've never read one of Janie's posts, you're in for a real treat! She has story-telling skills extraordinaire!
  2. Hippieaud:I think Audrey and I were twins separated at birth! Her style and mine are so similar and reading her posts is like reading my own mind sometimes!
  3. Cheryl: My fellow Purple Torch Bearer and creative friend. Although she has the 'Tude badge already posted on her blog, she's eligible for a New Year's "Attitude Renewal" and can get another $5 certificate! She'll need some new images for all her new challenges! (-: {{mwah}}
  4. AJ and Joey: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree for this one! This is the blog we set up for my two boys. They haven't been very crafty lately, but I'm hoping with the New Year, they'll be getting back in to it! And attitude?? They got it!
  5. Marlene: Another repeat-offender! She was a DWA Guest Designer in November and when you visit her blog, you'll feel the 'tude... it just oozes out of every creation!!
Remember: to claim your $5 Gift Certificate, you'll need to follow the rules!
But it only take a few minutes and it's definitely worth it!


Dawn said...

Big Congrats on the DT spot!!! Looking forward to working with you!!
Dawn xxx

Anonymous said...

Congrats Stacie!! I can't wait to see all your Digi's With Attitude creations!!

*CAFE said...

Congrats, Stacie!!! That is so cool! Thank you so much for the blog button and gift cert - I'm off to "take care of 'da bid-ness!" hahaha!

Rhonda Miller said...

Congrats Stacie. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations.

Jennifer McGee said...

Congrats! That is so awesome - can't wait to see what you do with ATTITUDE.

Marlene said...

LOL...thanks for the nomination!

Congrats on the DT position, too! Totally looking forward to seeing your creations.

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