05 November 2010

The Stamping Boutique: Christmas Popcorn

It's official, I have converted from "Sure Cuts a Lot" to "Make the Cut"!
The biggest motivator? The Beta 3.0 release of MTC that includes the ability to PRINT and CUT!

Yep, you read that right!!! I can print an image, texture or pattern on cardstock, 
and the MTC software will show me EXACTLY where to place my print out
on my Cricut Expression mat so that it cuts perfectly!

Does this sound like a familiar machine 
(that costs $600 PLUS the cost of cartridges) ???

Make the Cut is on sale for a limited time and costs less than $60!!

I've had this cute image, called Christmas Popcorn from the Stamping Boutique colored for weeks and have just been trying to figure out how to put it inside the window and make it "work"...

Thanks to Cely at Creating in Carolina, I had the perfect file to cut for my window. 

I made a few minor adjustments to her file to suit my card...

The sentiment was written with Cri-Kits pens.

The flourish is from, Breezy Backyard Lever Cards Collection.

The holly and berries are in the MTC Gallery! 
The Gallery is one reason I prefer MTC over SCAL!! 
All I did was click "Import from Gallery". 
It brought up a search box. I typed in "Holly". 
It brought up 3 pages of possibilities! 
I chose the one I liked, clicked "Download" 
and it was popped right in on my Virtual Cricut Mat!

There are actually several features to MTC that make it appealing,
 but one of my favorites so far, besides the PRINT AND CUT (!!!) 
is the "Bezier Warp"... type in any text, hit that button 
and it puts it on a path that you can bend or stretch nine ways to Sunday! 

Oh, and it can import JPEG's, PDF's, SVG's, and SCUT files!!

I plan to spend a little more time this weekend getting to know my new friend MTC!

Don't forget about the FUN!! FUN!! 
Right now, there are three running:
1. Digi Papers- get a FREE digi paper to download and play along
2. Thanksgiving- Rhonda's challenge, just started and there are some great entries already!
3. Wacky Wednesday- Use real wood! 
Sounds strange, but you should SEE some of the creative projects that have been submitted!! 
WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!!


Lorie said...

Oh, wow...I might have to check out the Make A Cut software...that sounds amazing! Love your card, too!

My Inkie Fingers said...

Love the window card!! I need to make one sometime. They are soooo pretty!

Thanks doe the compliment on Gretta Gobble this morning. Didn't I tell you that she was Digi-Lishious? Tee Hee


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Love Love the turned out wonderful....and I would like to post your card and a link to your site. PS...I'm so loving what MTC will do. HUMMM...thinking thinking about that program....SCAL better step up to the plate!

Tammy said...

Wow this is a beautiful card! and MTC sounds great, I really hope SCAL steps up and includes similar features, with Jeremy there is no way I can add MTC (boo hoo) but he is worth it!!

Jennifer McGee said...

Thats a great card Stacie! I'm glad you like MTC. The Print & cut feature is why I chose the Silhouette. That feature opens up your creativity by leaps and bounds.

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