03 May 2010

Super Busy in Honor of National Scrapbook Day~

Wow! I've been very busy and quite motivated after all the creative things posted last Saturday for National Scrapbook Day. THANK YOU to all the wonderful crafters out there who have generously shared their time, talents and files. In the process, I have gotten pretty comfortable with Inkscape, which is a miracle, considering I've only been doing this a few months (got my Expression and SCAL for Christmas).

I made 2 "Teacher Appreciation" cards for my boys, a cute "Hello" card just because I loved the butterfly, a "Honey" of an Anniversary card for my sweetie (our 10th Anniversary is this week!), and a Mother's Day card that I'm pretty darn proud of!

Teacher Appreciation Card #1

Teacher Appreciation Card #2

Cute "Hello" card.
Butterfly from Wanda's Cards and Crafts

Mother's Day Card
Gerbera Daisy from Paper, Scissors, Ink
Aperture from Dan99's tutorial
Card base from Wanda's Cards and Crafts

Anniversary Card
Beehive from Little Scraps of Heaven


Margie said...

Oh m'gosh! LOVE these cards! That worm is adorable! Thanks for stopping by and voting, Stacie! I'm heading out to the Post Office in about an hour with your stuff. My grandson was in the hospital, and I kept forgetting to stop at the P.O. Sorry...Hugs, Margie

Shirley said...

Great job on you cards!

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