27 March 2012

Calling All Challenge Junkies!!!

I know you're out there!!
The ones who cannot resist "just one more" challenge!!

Do you love to get feedback on the cards and other crafts you create?

Do you like to "Pile it On" and browse Feline Playful
to make a long list of places to enter?

Do you want a place where you can freely share photos
and make new friends with the same crafty interests?

Boy, do I have something for YOU today!!!

Image: Chickie, Robyn's Fetish
Meet "Chickie".
He's an adorable little painter who is hard at work
helping his buddy Peter (Cottontail) get ready for the
Easter Egg Extravaganza!

And what do I love most about "Chickie"...
well, I'll tell you...

"Chickie" was FREE from Robyn's Fetish!
And all you need to do is ask for him!

You are officially invited to join our 

Chickie has a lady-friend named Barbara
who is also looking for a new home!

All you need to do is stop over to visit us at

We have more challenges going on that you can possibly imagine!!!

Our Daily Challenges are a great way to show off
your creativity and share photos of work you have done...

Let's see, just this week, we have five new challenges that are sure
to help inspire your creativity!

Created by JULIA

Created by KAREN

Created by JACQY

Created by MONIQUE

Created by JLJ DESIGNS

Now, I KNOW you're feeling inspired with all this variety
and you can't wait to get started!!

Oh, before I go, there's one other thing:


You didn't think we'd leave out the Kiddos, did you?

The Kid's chose a great theme this month:

If you have little ones who like to create at your side,
we would LOVE to see their work!!

Please come over and join us!!!

Membership at The Crafter's Cafe is FREE
and the friendship and comaraderie is PRICELESS!!


Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, great cards. TFS.

JLJ Designs said...

Hi Stacie! What a great way to get everyone inspired for challenges. Thank you for featuring my card. I'm home safe and sound and trying to get back into my routine.

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