15 May 2011

My "Rubberband Moment"

YES!! I'm still here... I just haven't posted to my blog all week because Blogger had issues... y'all already know that!

The first thing I want to do is say "Hi" and welcome to all my 100 Followers!! Hooray! I never imagined there would be 100 people interested in what I say or do, but there it is! I'm going to put together a little "100 Follower Candy", just to show my appreciation!! Look for that soon!

There is SO much going on to share with you, so this may be a long-ish post. I'm going to start by saying "blogging" was originally designed as a way to keep an online "journal" or "log" that was on the "web"... called "web-logging", it has morphed into "blogging"... so indulge me a little today... I'm going to "Journal" for a bit and just put my thoughts "out there"... if you don't care to hear/read my "thoughts", just scroll to the bottom where I've listed a few important links and skip all this "personal" stuff... this post is as much for "ME" as anything else, today!

I still don't have any pictures of new projects to post... without going into a lot of details, last weekend (on Mother's Day), my guys gave me some "free time" to get crafty! I had a brand new craft knife because I broke my old one. It has a clear "protective" cap, but that sucker is on there TIGHT~ I couldn't get the cap off, yanked a little harder and, OUCH! My index finger paid the price for my inability to pay attention... 

The label on the package said "Caution, blades are sharp"... really? Do we really need that kind of warning on a KNIFE?? Kinda like saying, "Don't use your toaster in the bathtub..." But then, I suppose I should have heeded that warning a little more closely!

Joe performed triage with butterfly bandages and gauze. He's my hero!
Regular doc said stitches wouldn't be needed and bandages came off Wednesday, and as it heals, the ability to bend my finger will return...

My friend Heather put up a post on the Fresh Brewed Designs Group at the Latte Lounge that really seemed to apply to me! She called it a "Rubberband Moment", when everything seems to go crazy in so many directions then all of a sudden, it gets stretched too far, and like a rubberband, comes snapping back!

That's what this week has been like for me. I think cutting my finger was God's way of snapping everything back into order for me! I am working with 6 design teams and while I LOVE working with them and truly enjoy paper-crafting, I think I had stretched myself to the limit and while I have been forced to take some time off, everything seemed to snap back! 

I have spent so much time with my kids and family this week, it has really been a reminder of how much time I really do spend doing "crafts" and how I have neglected so many things in my life that are truly GOOD! 

I am married to my best friend and we have the two most amazing little boys! Watching them "be" fascinates me! They are so completely different, like night and day, and just being who they are, I see how many ways I am blessed to be their mom.

Someone I know put up a blog about how miserable it is to be a parent and how her child wreaks havoc in her life and is "demon spawn" and all sorts of other nastiness. The only thing I can say to this is: "You can claim to "Love" her all you want. I love hummingbirds! In fact, I love them so much, I had one tattooed on my ankle. But I have no say in what they become! Being a PARENT takes a lot more than LOVE!
It takes maturity and responsibility. It means sometimes sacrificing your own self-interests in the interests of the child. It means taking ownership of their behavior and possibly changing your OWN behavior to have an affect on what the child becomes! It means acting like a grown-up and finding ways to address every situation, because being a mom, things come up quickly and you have to react like an adult and make the best choices while thinking on your feet!
I LOVE being a mom!
This week "off" has really reminded me of that!
Thank you God for sending me my craft knife rubberband!

OK... that's it for now I guess... here's the "crafty" stuff: 

While I've been out, all my DT buddies have been cranking along, putting up some of the most amazing projects for some really terrific new challenges!

So, to honor my new favorite TV star, Shelby, from "Ax Men" (I TOTALLY love that show and "Swamp People"... oh my Goodness... have you seen those two bearded marvels on "Swamp People"... they are "Deliverance" personified!!)... but I digress... I love Shelby on "Ax Men" because he has the cutest little dog, he jumps in the swamp with alligators, and his catch phrase "Here we GO!" is SO catchy, the way he says it!

So, "Here we go!!"

Tuesday: The Stamping Boutique posted Challenge #6: Circles

And don't forget the Stamping Boutique Monthly Challenge: post ANY project you've made using TSB images!

Wednesday: Fresh Brewed Designs posted Challenge 46, a Photo Inspiration Challenge. 
And Challenge 45 is the Fresh Brewed Monthly Challenge: any Beach or Summer themed projects! And if you use FBD images, you get counted twice!
And if you'd like to be a featured or Guest designer for Fresh Brewed, make sure you check out the "Calling All Cardmakers" about halfway down the left sidebar!

Friday: Digi's With Attitude! posted Challenge #27, a pretty cool sketch!
All the new May images have been released into the Digi's with Attitude! store and if you haven't seen them, you'll want to pop over and check them out! A new and completely different look that you're sure to love...not a "cutesie" 'Tween in the bunch!

TODAY: This is my Latte Lounge Day! and boy oh boy is there a LOT going on at the Latte Lounge!!

  • Fresh Brewed Designs is having a MONTH LONG challenge! It's a sketch challenge and the only rule is to use a Fresh Brewed image (digi or rubber). Considering all the freebies Miss Heather has been handing out lately, getting your hands on one of her images shouldn't be too hard!
  • JLJ Designs is also having a MONTH LONG challenge! It's an ANYTHING GOES challenge and the only rule is to use ANY JLJ Designs product! I think I have ALL of Jen's digi paper packs and they are totally awesome!!
  • In A Scrap Creations is having a Blog Hop for Operation Write Home. If you hop thru, you'll be entered to win the cutest set of owl digis- and they're already colored, how cool is that? And what a great cause, for OWH!
  • Our Latte Lounge Monthly Challenge is in full swing, although it's been a little quiet so far this month. We were expecting a lot more participation! The theme all month is "Projects for All the Special Women in our Lives"... that means Mother's Day cards! I've seen a LOT of them out there in Blogland... get them entered in our Monthly Challenge!! We're having a drawing at the end of the month for a TON of great prizes!!
  • The Kid's Challenge is SUPER-FUN this month! We're doing "I love my Mommy" and there is a whole PACK of freebies available from Stitchy Bear Stamps! There's a chance to win $10 from Stitchy, so get those little hands busy!! The weather has been icky and rainy... what better way to spend a rainy afternoon with the little ones than creating awesome cards? Another way to get in some quality time with them AND they LOVE glue and glitter... you KNOW they do!!

Wow!! That's a LOT! What a LONG post this turned in to! If you have made it all the way thru, THANK YOU!!

If you just skipped along to the highlighted parts, I hope you've seen something that you found interesting! 

Either way, I thank you for stopping in to visit today and I hope we're off to a terrific week together!

Many hugs and blessings!


skin_art_junkie said...
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JLJ Designs said...

Stacie - I'm glad your accident turned into something good. I hope your healing continues quickly!


Just A Pac Rat said...

I hope you continue to heal, I love seeing your work. TFS

Sara said...

Wow... And I thought I was the wordy one! LOL! I hope you continue to heal! And that you are back to your old self again soon! Happy Creating! Sara

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