21 December 2010

Passing the Torch and Secret Santa

{sniff, sniff} It is with bittersweet melancholy that I announce that the time has come to pass my torch!

The past month working with the INKredible Amber Ink (TH)ink Tank has been so much fun and now that my time is through, it's time to introduce you to the newest Amber Inkling!

Her name is Cheryl Ann First.
Her blog is Cheryl Ann First Expressions (CAFE) for short!


When you see what she can do with a Cricut and digi paper, you'll understand why she was my first choice to receive my precious purple torch! She is so creative and generous and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she can do with Amber Ink Products!

As I prepare to join the hallowed halls of the Torchbearer Alumni, I have one more project to share.

This one is so special to me because I have been saving it for over a week, waiting for the time to pass my pretty, purple torch.

And wouldn't you know it... on Torch Passing Day (which was technically yesterday) , I couldn't get the picture to upload...

A day late, a dollar short, so they say!

Why is this card so special? Because it's an eclectic mix of my favorite things: Amber Ink Products and CAFE cut files!

The purple background paper, the gift bag and the "Brilliant not patient" badge are all from Amber Ink.

The Purple Torch in the gift bag is MINE! I have guarded it and loved it and have now passed it on...

The star cluster is a cut file that Cheryl created and provided for FREE!

The sentiment was made in Make the Cut and the white and gold paper borders are from Martha Stewart (I think... they were in the scrap bin and were rescued for this project...

No matter how I tried, (and believe me, I took over 25 shots at different angles, different lighting arrangements, different places, etc) the card still looks blurry!

I think it's the "Glossy Accents" I used on the letters... the shimmer just REFUSES to photograph well!

Speaking of Glossy Accents... that is one of my new "toys" courtesy of Secret Santa Heather from our Secret Santa exchange at The Latte Lounge!

Look at all the goodies she sent!!!

We did set a price limit for the exchange so either Heather is one of them Southern Rebel Girls who doesn't like to follow rules, or she is one HECK of a coupon-cuttin', bargain-huntin' craft shop DIVA!!

My thought is, based on how I know Heather, well, she's definitely not the rebel type... can't wait til the day she can teach me how to shop!

Thank you, girlie... love it and love YOU!


Rhonda Miller said...

I love your card Stacie and can't wait to see what Cheryl has to offer us over the next month.

That looks like a seriously fun haul.

Merry Christmas.

Just A Pac Rat said...
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Just A Pac Rat said...

Wow, you do have a great shopping secret santa! Enjoy and lets see projects using some of those supplies.

Love the card and look forward to seeing what Cheryl brings. I follow her blog too and know the projects will be great!

Happy Holidays!


Karin said...

What an awesome tribute! From one purple torch to another, welcome to the alumni club :)

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Your card is awesome and so fitting! And look at all the goodies you received. Enjoy!

Pam said...

Well I am a day late and a dollar short seeing this too! What a wonderful tribute! Love, Love that torch in your perfect package. You did yourself proud...again! That torch has been placed in very sure hands. Thanks for running that extra coupla miles! And good karma on the goodies too!

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