17 February 2013

Robyn's Fetish Challenge #147: Winter Cards with Snow

Hi everyone...

It's time again (already) for a new challenge at the Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog.
This week, our theme is Winter Cards with Snow!

Our sponsor is Jellypark and the winner will receive their choice of any TWO images from the Jellypark store, except fundraisers.... but while you're at the JP shop, it's not a bad idea to check out the fundraisers... there are a variety of charities to support and every little bit helps!!

For my card this week, I got to play with Robin and Bird House.

I was trying to go with a "Clean and Simple" look, by printing the image directly on the card front and only adding the lacy ribbon bow, then I saw the "Battenburg Lace and Crochet Trim" collection from SVGCuts and HAD to have it!! This is the reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Eclips!! This little lacy trim piece was cut at 4.25" wide and there was not one snag!! So delicate and intricate and it cut like a breeze!

So, I just have to share a little story this week before you go!

Friday night at work was a little rough! It was snowing, which of course means we're busy! At one point, we had well over 100 people in our dining room... all skiers! There was a bit of a ruckus and some of the kids started getting a little loud, so I went out to see what was going on... it turns out, some of our charming Guests (and I use that term generously) decided it would be fun to have a bonfire on our picnic tables outside... thankfully, the tables are all stone, so no harm was done, but they got everyone wound up...

Around 10:30 pm, the door to the ladies room was acting strange, not opening or closing properly. One of my employees climbed up on a ladder to try to fix the closer-thingy. He was banging and making a ton of noise, so I went in to see what was going on. As I walked through the door and said "What's going on?", he jumped a little (I must have startled him), and he DROPPED HIS HAMMER ON MY HEAD!!

No, you can't make this up!! It is 100% true!

I let out a few choice words as my knees buckled and I crumpled to the floor... brought tears to my eyes pretty quick, I must say!

So, I went to the ER and they did at CT Scan to see if there was any internal damage or concussion. The results came back clear... now I'm assuming that meant there was no brain damage, but my hubby is insisting it was CLEAR, because there's nothing in there!! Ha Ha Ha.... ain't he funny!?!  LOL!! (-:

Gotta find the funny in everyday stuff, right?

Nothing funny about the 3-6" of snow we're getting today... more skiers, and more of some kind of mess to clean up or fix... luckily, I'll have a couple days off, but, frankly, I'm just about ready for winter to finish up altogether and move on...

But since it's still winter, and there's still snow, I sure hope you'll pop over to the Robyn's Fetish Challenge blog and join us for our Winter Cards with Snow Challenge!!  

See how I brought that all together? Pretty smooth, eh? (-:

See you next time!



susan said...

Wonderful card. Love the lace you added. Good idea to buy that set for your Ecplis. So sorry about your head! That must have hurt and been pretty scary, too. Glad you are OK.
Thank you!

Marlene Atkinson said...

Gorgeous card Stacie. Marlene

Manderly said...

Where to start! Your card is breathtaking! Serious, as soon as I opened your page I went Wow! That lace bow is awesome! So very clever of you...and oh how funny you are and yes, you did bring your story all together! Talented and hilarious! Fantastic combo! Bravo on your card, Stac, but so so sorry about your hammer head...

Laurence said...

Great card, love your "Battenburg Lace and Crochet Trim", and such a nice bow.

Laurence DT sis

Crea-Sandra said...

Gorgeous card, love the die cuts and the bow!
Hugs Sandra

Cheryl First said...

This is super, Stacie! Such a cute image, and the lace cuts are great! Love the added puffed up snow, too!
Sorry your Friday night at work was so bad, but glad to hear there was not permanent damage. I'm sure that hammer gave you a headache! Ouch!!

Edwina said...

Hi Stacie, I sure am glad you are okay. Head injuries can cause problems later. Get some rest and be careful. I know you will be glad when Spring gets here. I will be too.
I love your card. I love the lace bow and the die cut lace for your card. That is gorgeous. I need one of those machines. I love the cheerful colors on your digi. thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

Michelle said...

I'm glad that you are OK. What your husband say's is the exact same thing mine would probably say. You had an exciting night.
The lace is so elegant and I love the lace ribbon. This is an elegant card. I love it!!

Michelle (DT SIS)

CubbyholeCraftz said...

beautifully made

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