23 April 2012

THIS is what I call INSPIRED!!

Hello my blogging friends!

As I'm sure all of you know by now, my Grandmother found her place in Heaven last Monday!! While we are sad to say goodbye, we are also celebrating the rich, full life she shared with us!

Last Monday was also my youngest son's 10th birthday, so we tried to explain to him that Grammy chose his birthday because he is so special to her, and that he now carries a piece of her soul with him!

It's hard to think about a funeral and birthday cake on the same day!

I received this video in my email the other day and it only takes about 2 minutes, but I have watched it probably 10 times (or more) and it brings tears to my eyes every time!!

Like the lyrics to the song in the video: "We will never be the same"!!

So today, no crafty projects to share, and no links to other "crafty" stuff, but I wanted to share this video with all of you and I hope you feel inspired to create freely...

Just once, I'd like to throw splatters of paint on a canvas, smear it around with my bare hands and end up with a true masterpiece!!!

Love to you all!!



Renee said...

First of all Stacie, I am so sorry to hear about your Grammy! Hugs to you & your family. What a lovely way to explain things to your son.
Second...Wow...that video is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda Miller said...

That is amazing.

Heather said...

Thank you for sharing this and for sharing a part of your heart. I know that you love and will miss your Grammy so much, but also are trusting and finding peace in knowing that she is finally home in the arms of the one who loves her SO much. Can you imagine how she felt when she met Jesus? Watching this video, thinking of his love and all he has done for us ... my words escape me. His love is indescribable. My grandfather died the day after my birthday on Easter Sunday when I was a teenager. (I was born on an Easter Sunday as well) It hurt me to think about it every year. I felt terrible celebrating my birthday knowing. Not until I was older did he tell me why this day was the one he chose to bring him home. I will be praying for you and your family during this difficult time... I will be praying for your sweet son who is still too young to understand these things. Sending lots of love and hugs.
Thanks again for sharing this video!

cardcreationsnz said...

Stacie, sorry to hear about your grandmother. Wow, that video is amazing and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Stacie, I am so sorry to hear about your Grammy!

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