17 June 2010

Father's Day Recliner Cut Out

Daddy got a new recliner a few weeks ago,

so it seemed appropriate to make him a card

that reflects something he enjoys!

[caption id="attachment_62" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Simple, two piece cut out"]Simple, two piece cut out[/caption]

This simple card is available in SVG format HERE

and SCUT format for SURE CUTS A LOT HERE


Donna Mundinger said...

Darling card Hestia! I'm sure he's gonna love it. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm actaully sort of new to stampin too but I'll try to answer your questions. First of all, these were digital images so they were printed on my computer. They can be resized and it's especially nice that they come out perfectly every time (unlike my attempts at regular stamping.) LOL So in both cases I printed the images multiple times. For the popped shoes and hat I colored them twice and carefully cut out what I wanted popped and used adhesive foam to give it dimension. For the plaid shirt I took a small piece of the plaid and taped the edges over the portion on the image I wanted to be plaid, reinserted the paper into my computer and printed the image again. Then I removed the printed paper and cut out the plaid shirt and glued it to the image. This obviously works with regular stamping as well. Nesties are Nestablilities by Spellbinders. They are thin nested circles, squares, etc, both regular and scalloped and cut using a die cut machine like a Cuttlebug, Wizard, or Big Shot. Even with a Cricut, these are great to have on hand for quick shapes and they have and embossed edge if you run them through again using a rubber mat. Hope that answers your questions. If you have any more please let me know. Glad you like the cards. xxD

Penny Duncan said...

Hestie...I just wanted to THANK YOU for your AWESOME comment you left on my blog.....I'm thrilled it helped!!!! The card you made is SO SO cute!!! GREAT job ma'am!!!

Cely said...

What a cute chair. Found your site by your comment. On flower, once you fold on the dashed lines, bring the 2 half circles together and "press down", trying to keep the paper centered. This will leave you about a 2 3/4 square to write in.

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